Racegitter.de Burnout

THE Competition is the ultimate tire killer, where it just has to smell like rubber and clutch. Optimal grip, optimal turns, optimal entertainment.

DAY 01
September 09, 2021
DAY 02
September 10, 2021
Racegitter.de BurnOut Contest - Qualifikation
Racegitter.de Burnout Contest - Finale
Attention regulation

Racegitter.de Burnout Contest

Jeder Teilnehmer des racegitter.de Burnout-Contest’s muss sich anmelden.
Nach der Anmeldung/Verzichtserklärung wird das teilnehmende Fahrzeug einer
technischen Abnahme unterzogen. Für festgestellte Mängel wird ein Zeitrahmen
zur Behebung eingeräumt.

General requirements:

  • 1 vehicle per participant
  • 1 set of tires (2 pieces) per participant
  • with reservation, a preliminary decision will be made. This depends on the number of participants.
  • Thursday 09.09.21 qualification for the final on 10.09.21 co-driver only with waiver
  • The vehicle occupants must remain in their designated seats in the vehicle during the burnout. Accordingly, leaning out is also prohibited for passengers. The driver is excluded here,
    dieser darf für Showzwecke, technische Defekte etc. das Fahrzeug verlassen
  • Entering the burnout area outside the vehicle is only permitted for team members at the request of the driver

Technical requirements:

  • At least 1 fire extinguisher per vehicle, accessible from the driver's seat
  • Battery poles are covered
  • The battery poles are covered. The battery is firmly screwed to the vehicle
  • The tank is installed in the vehicle or, if installed under the vehicle (original), it must be adequately protected from sparks and / or flying parts
  • Functional seat belts for driver and front passenger (you can refrain from using them at your own risk)
  • Balance weights on the rims must be removed

By confirming the registration, the participant accepts the regulations, has read and understood the content. In the event of a violation, the participant will be excluded from the competition.


Entry fee: € 49.00 (this also includes the weekend ticket)

Fragen rund um den Racegitter.de Burnout Contest beantworten Euch die Profis von Racegitter.de: info@racegitter.de

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